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My name is Katherine Kingston and I am a fashion photographer located in Edmonton, AB. Throughout my life I have always been immersed in various forms of art. Kingston, my middle name, comes from my maternal grandmother - an artist. Many Kingston women in my family are involved in the arts, each using different practices to execute their art.  For me, it was always photography. As much as I loved being able to paint and draw, I found that I was never able to produce what I envisioned, but photography gave me the opportunity to change that and explore my passion.

Throughout the years what I liked to photograph has changed. However, my love for photographing people still stands strong.  While initially shooting documentary photography, having everything candid and "capturing the moment", I now create the moment. That's why I love to photograph fashion because the opportunities are endless. I love that my work is a collaborative process and I find great inspiration creating art with others.


Photo By: Richard Beaudoin